Chris Steele-Perkins. Magnum Photographer


Chris Steele-Perkins

1949 - From Rangoon to London

Chris Steele-Perkins moved from Rangoon to London with his family in 1949. He graduated with honours in psychology at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1967-70) while working as a photographer and picture editor for the student newspaper. In 1971 he moved to London and started working as a freelance photographer and started his first foreign work in 1973 in Bangladesh followed by work for relief organizations and travel assignments. In 1975 he worked with EXIT, a group dealing with social problems in British cities. He then joined the Paris-based Viva agency in 1976.

1979 - The Teds

1979 - The Teds

In 1979, his first book, The Teds, was published. Chris joined Magnum and soon began working extensively in the Third World. His latest large-scale project in the developing world was on the situation in Afghanistan. He�is now also working extensively in Japan and England.

Kaha Kama

The Awards - Public acclaim

His reportages have received high public acclaim and have won several awards, including:

  • 'The Tom Hopkinson Prize' for British Photojournalism (1988)
  • 'The Oscar Barnack Prize' (1988)
  • 'The Robert Capa Gold Medal' (1989)
  • 'Cooperative Society Award' & 'One World Award',
    for the film 'Dying for Publicity' (1994)
  • 'La Nacion Premier Photojournalism Award' (1994)
  • World Press Award, 'Daily Life' (2000)
  • Sasakawa Foundation Grant (2004, 2011)
  • Royal Photographic Society Terrence Donovan Award (2008)
  • Arts Council GB Award (2010)
England, My England

Recent Works

Now out in UK, his new book on centenarians (people who have lived to be over 100 years old): Fading Light. Recent book, England, My England, of English photographs - McNidder & Grace -.
This is a very personal retrospective of work shot in England over the last 40 years. See some images in Books on this site.

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